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Welcome to Pixelated Theme

Pixelated theme is a premium tumblr theme designed by Oscar Barber to display the best way all you want to share on Tumblr. This theme focus on details and supports every single post type Tumblr allows: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video and finally Ask Me (a very new feature wich allows users to ask you questions you can reply to). Each post type is displayed with it own unique formatting style. All you need to do is select the type you want to publish and Pixelated theme will do the rest.

This awesome Pixelated theme features a highly customizable sidebar space where you can display a description or bio about the author, your twitter messages, basic metadata (rss, mobile version link and random), the stuff you like and all the people you follow. Likes, Follows and Twitter can be managed from the Dashboard: you can choose wich ones you want to display on Tumblr.

Finally if you have a CSS3 compatible or a modern browser will see the visual enhancement such as font-face on title using League Gothic font and drop shadow on may texts or links.

With no doubt Pixelated theme is an awesome Tumblr theme. Purchase it to start using it!. Go for it, grab it now!

We aren’t designing copies of web pages, we’re designing web pages.

- from Andy Clarke, via Quotes on Design

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Allison Weiss — “I’m Ready” (via marco)

Lovely breakfast in Menorca!

Q: How can I install Pixelated theme? By oscarbarber


You can change your Tumblr appearence with Pixelated theme just following these simple and easy instructions:

  1. Purchase Pixelated theme.
  2. Follow the instructions you’ll find on readme.txt and upload detailed files.
  3. Go to Tumblr.com
  4. Log into your Dashboard
  5. Click Customize
  6. Click Info and type your title and description
  7. Click Theme
  8. Click Use Custom HTML
  9. Paste the Theme code from index.php into the text area
  10. Click Save + Close

The Constant transcription, LOST 5

  • Desmond: Penny...Penny, answer. Answer, Penny.
  • Penny: Des, where are you?
  • Desmond: I'm...I'm on a boat. Um...I've been on an island, and--- Oh, my god, Penny. Is that really you?
  • Penny: Yeah! Yes, it's me!
  • Desmond: You believe me? You still care about me?
  • Penny: Des, I've been looking for you for the past three years. I know about the island. I've been researching---(static)---and then when I spoke to your friend Charlie, that's when I knew you were still alive. That's when I knew I wasn't crazy. Des, are you still there!?
  • Desmond: Yes, yes, I'm here! I'm still here, can you hear me?
  • Penny: Yeah, yeah, that's better.
  • Desmond: I love you, Penny. I've always loved you. I'm so sorry. I love you!
  • Penny: I love you too.

An example post

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